Whether you're a new user wich just getting started, learning the ins and outs of the social network takes time. Some of best little-known features, plus tips for getting noticed by recruiters, managing your profile, and more.


Complete your profile.  A complete profile will help when contacting with others. Completing your profile will improve your online visibility and findability outside LinkedIn. You can assess your profile’s completeness by viewing the Profile Strengths meter to the right of your LinkedIn profile. This meter is a graphical representation of your profile’s completeness, and it is only visible to you. LinkedIn requires you to complete your professional information, your summary, your skills and expertise, your education, your current position and work history to receive a 100% complete score. In order to get and keep your 100% complete profile score, LinkedIn requires you to update your profile and to post status updates on a regular basis.


Edit Or Remove Endorsements


LinkedIn introduced a new feature called Endorsements. Endorsements, which are found under the Skills & Expertise section of your profile, let your connections vote up the talents and proficiencies you've listed within your profile, as well as recommend new ones they think should be included. Your skills are then ranked and reranked based on the number of people who have voted on them.

Some LinkedIn users don't agree that they're useful. Because many people accept LinkedIn invitations to connect with people they don't know well, endorsements from these connections may be misguided, insincere, or incorrect. There's even a Tumblr blog called Endorsement Bombing that highlights how endorsements are abused on some profiles by users voting up skills.

By default, LinkedIn users receive emails when they have received an endorsement. Users who receive many endorsements from connections may find these emails without importace. But you can opt out. To do so, navigate to your Privacy & Settings page, click the Communications side tab on the left (next to the envelope icon), and click Set The Frequency Of Emails. Then click Notifications to expand the options below it and find the Endorsements section. Select "No Email" and click "Save Changes."

Use LinkedIn to follow-up after other communications. Don't make the mistake of trying to connect with lots people you don't know. LinkedIn will warn you, and then could shut you down if too many people don't respond to your connection request. Whenever you receive an email, business card, or leave a voicemail; add that you are going to also connect by LinkedIn right at the end. Then people make the connection as someone they know and approve your connection request.

Add your calendar to get info about someone before an interview

If you sync your phone's calendar with LinkedIn's app, you'll be served up the profile of anyone you have penciled in on your schedule, so you can refresh yourself on their info before you meet. You'll always feel more prepared if you know your interviewer's background. Select "Calendar" from the list of options in the app's menu bar and follow all the instructions. 

Apply for jobs directly through LinkedIn's app

The list of positions in the Jobs section of LinkedIn's app are adapted to your interests. It's customized from your own LinkedIn data, and you can apply for a position just by submitting your profile. Browsing through your list of recommendations you can save a lot of time by avoiding a long, painful hunt through other posting sites. The small screen is perfect if you're stuck in a job you hate and want to browse new positions during work.

Use your news stream to build your personal brand

If you scroll through your news stream, you'll see updates from your connections, content being shared by companies and people, updates about the new jobs of people in your network, and much more. You can interact and add to the conversation when you have something to interesting. also you can like and you can comment on almost every kind of post, whether that's saying congrats to a connection who scored a good new job or adding your thoughts to an article about a topic related to your industry.

You can use the Pulse app to see a personalized selection of articles and news about topics related to your industry

.AlsoYyu can download it for Android or iOS.

Make sure you always have the latest version of your device’s software downloaded. For iPhone + iPad: go to Settings, General, Software Update.

Go to your LinkedIn app and check your settings, Then select what you are interested in and create the experience you want on LinkedIn’s apps. On your iPhone app: Look for the gear LinkedIn settings in the upper right corner and review the settings. On your iPad, look for your LinkedIn profile photo on the far right, click and choose Settings. The settings on iPad are not the same as the settings on the iPhone. It’s indicated to realize it’s not seamless across their mobile platforms.

LinkedIn Contacts

You need to review your settings, top right on the Contacts tab, Settings, Manage Sources. You can do a sort in Contacts: alpha, recent conversation, newly added or sort by filters including Tags, Companies, Titles, Locations, Sources.

The To Do in Contacts gives you a look at who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary or reminder you have set. You can action those to-do’s right from the app.

When you choose a particular connection, you can message via phone, email or through LinkedIn. you can call them or choose the pencil+paper icon and add a note, reminder, and how we met .

Use your 3 Free Backlinks (these are the weblinks) with all employees: Google uses backlinks to drive search engine results. Every LinkedIn account has a place for 3 Free Backlinks, and LinkedIn leaves these links open to indexing by Google. Ask that employees list your company website, blog and facebook page.

Use professional photos. They should be business portraits and should present you in a positive and dynamic light. Bring in a professional photographer to take portraits of your entire team and these can be used for LinkedIn, Web, Twitter and News Releases.

Accept invitations from others who add you, as the more connections you have, the larger your expanded network grows which helps create more opportunities in the long run. It is your choice whether you wish to share your connections,  this can be adjusted in settings.

Join Targeted Groups. It doesn't matter what industry or business you are in, this the part of LinkedIn you should be focusing the most. There are benefits to both joining and being a part of niche-related groups, and also being the owner of them. No immediate results.


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