Uset third-party online tools and services that enhance your Twitter experience.There are hundreds of third-party apps developed for Twitter.

  1. TwitPic - Take advantage of TwitPic to post pictures on your tweets. If you want to post pictures while away from the computer, use the Twitterific app.
  2. Qwitter - Great service that sends an e-mail any time someone unsubscribes from your Twitter profile and mentions a possible Twitter post you made that may have caused them to leave.
  3. Manageflitter - Fantastic site for managing your followers and getting an easy to read overview of people not following you back, quiet users, and inactive users.
  4. WeFollow - Great website that allows you to add yourself to a listing of Twitter users by tags you find interesting.
  5. SocialOomph - Another great service with a collection of free Twitter tools including the ability to schedule when a tweets gets posted.
  6. Tweetbeat - An excellent site that takes the trending topics on Twitter and gives you a clearer explanation of present and past trending topics.
  7. TwitterMeme - Another great location to find the hottest links on Twitter.
  8. Twitter Grader - Great service that grades any Twitter account and gives you additional details and ranking information.
  9. Twitter Fan Wiki Apps - Finally, this wiki has a listing of several hundred different Twitter applications and tools for users wanting more.
  10. – Twitter user search and profiler
  11. – Mobile app
  12. – Twitter users organized by business categories from iEntry
  13. – Like Techmeme for Twitter
  14. Twitterbar - Firefox plugin for posting links
  15. - Like Google Alerts for Twitter
  16. Tweetmarks - Bookmark to Delicious from Twitter
  17. Twitbin – Firefox extension enables Tweeting from the browser
  18. Twittearth – 3D visualization of global Tweeting
  19. Tinytwitter – Mobile Twitter client
  20. – Twitter user search and profiler


List of cool and highly useful Twitter tools:

  1. Vizify TweetSheet – Your Twitter activity as an instant infographic.
  2. twitcam - Stream live video on Twitter.
  3. Buffer - Automagically shares your articles, pics and more through the day.
  4. TweetMeme - Search and retweet the hottest stories on Twitter.
  5. Twitter Status - Official updates on the status of Twitter.
  6. Twileshare - Upload and share files on Twitter.
  7. Twitvid - Easily share videos on Twitter.
  8. Twups – Twitter aggregator. Popular topics all in once place.
  9. Tweetwally – Create a tweet wall to organize and share tweets.
  10. TweetMyJobs - Great job matches via Twitter (and mobile).
  11. Twittercal - Twittercal is a service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar and lets you add events easily, directly from your Twitter account.
  12. Twitpay - TwitPay is a simple way to send payments via Twitter.
  13. - Users can post to their Twitter account by sending a message to their own unique email address.
  14. Twitzu - Promote your business, special offers, promotions and events with Twitzu.

Twitter on iPhone:         

  1. Trickle – An awesome, passive Twitter displayer.
  2. Scopy – Extracts photos from your timeline and presents them beautifully.
  3. Tweetbot – A Twitter client with personality.
  4. TweetCaster – Twitter client with lots and lots of cool features.
  5. Birdbrain – Nice account stats feature.
  6. UberSocial – Lightning fast functionality + customization options.
  7. TwitBird Pro – Super fast Twitter client with unique features.
  8. Poptweets - The celebrity Twitter game.
  9. Tweetr – Great for sending and scheduling tweets.
  10. Funny Updates – Say something funny!

Third Party Tools For Twitter

For monitoring

1. Twhirl:-This is used for monitoring different twitter accounts.

For voice messages

2. Twitter Fone:-It is used to send voice messages to twitter.

To update

3. Twitxr:-It is used to update pictures and statuses through your mobile phone.

To send cards

4. Twtcard -It is used to send a greeting card or an invitation of an event to others.

Sending messages

5. By this users can update their Twitter account by just sending message to their own unique email address.

Selected group

6. GroupTweet:-It is used to send private messages to a selected group of people.