A social network game is a type of online game that is played through social networks, and typically features multiplayer and asynchronous gameplay mechanics. Social network games are most often implemented as browser games, but can also be implemented on other platforms such as mobile devices.


 GamerVision     - Gamervision LLC operates as a social network for gamers. It offers video game information, such as video game reviews, news, previews, video interviews, blogs, groups, forums, and other editorial content. Gamervision LLC was founded in 2001 and is based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Gamervision was founded by Fred Bauer and Edward H. Cohen, who’d been in the entertainment industry a while. Bauer and Cohen dreamed of making a TV show that, like shows that highlight music videos, would highlight video games, but when the Web 2.0 “revolution” happened, they changed strategies. The website has picked up a bit of a following from word-of-mouth (or word-of-keyboard) between gamers and from several of their videos going somewhat viral.

The site has reviews, articles, discussion forums, and even videos — some informative, some downright silly and occasionally hilarious.

The newest  feature of the website is “Swap and Sell,” which provides a board with a dead-simple interface to allow gamers to post things they’re willing to part with and what they want in return, either in the form of games or money. Gamervision only makes the connection, leaving it up to the users to complete the transaction (they will have a feedback form to allow people to build good or bad reputations based on others’ experiences dealing with them).


Gamervision is a news, entertainment and networking site for gamers. - See more at: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/gamervision#sthash.6hSAWcPl.dpuf

GameFriends - Game Friends was created by a couple gamers for gamers and was tested with the help of several other gamers. Game Friends is a sortable checklist with badges. The badges can be a checkmark, a smilie, a rocket ship, or dozens of other choices.

Stay on top of your social gaming and keep up with all of your gaming friends using Game Friends. You can have as many lists as you like; one for each game, one for each circle of friends, or one for each quest or level in a game. Copy the names in an existing list when starting a new one or import any number of names by pasting them in.

Add notes to individual names. All new look for iOS 7. Usability improvements across the entire application, cleaner look, more modern badges.

The network now features an Arcade, a Wiki and a chat widget from Widget Laboratory. Of course, the forum is as active as ever, and members are constantly adding blogs to the network. And if you have some free time (well, a lot of free time), members have uploaded more than 3,500 gaming-related pictures to the network. - See more at: https://www.ning.com/blog/2008/07/paying-a-visit-to-gax-online.html#sthash.HJUi3AYQ.dpuf

Gamerbio GamerBio is a dedicated social networking community for PC and console gamers.

Gamestrata – GameStrata, is a social network for gamers who was launched in Silicon Valley. It’s a bit like Microsoft’s Xbox Live, only cross-platform and web-centric. GameStrata has signed deals to publish player stats of several popular games, including Activision’s Guitar Hero 3 (pictured) and EA’s Battlefield 2, and in a smart move that may make it the universal social network for gamers, will feature player-driven platform stats from the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii consoles as well. Users of the top-ranked online social network can now set up leaderboards for their Facebook friends, display their game statistics and full gamer profiles on their Facebook pages, and compete against the entire Facebook population. GameStrata plans to support game tracking for more titles soon, as well as on newly available development platforms including MySpace and Bebo. GameStrata members can use the site's broad array of game-tracking tools to analyze their own skills, and share their stats with friends and competitors.

Come2Play Is multiplayer games,everywhere. The innovative multiplayer gaming platform allows for multiplayer flash games to be played anywhere on the internet. Allow for distribution everywhere

  1. Websites
  2. Blogs
  3. Portals & Start pages
  4. Social networks

All the games are interconnected meaning two people can play against each other on different websites - breaking down the barriers of multiplayer gaming.

CharacterPlanet – The First Social Site for all Online Gamers. Character Planet is an online gaming community offering gaming news,online gaming blogs,MMORPG blogs,guild news,free ventrilo hosting and gaming guild communities. Character Planet is the ultimate MMORPG social network for all online gamers and gaming guilds. This includes online gaming community,mmorpg community,gaming social network,online gaming,community,mmorpg,social network,free ventrilo hosting,gaming guild communities,free ventrilo,gaming guilds,guild hosting,mmorpg social network,gaming news,guild news,online gaming blogs,guild blogs,mmorpg blog,character plan.

InsideSocialGames - Inside Social Games is a service of Inside Network, the first company dedicated to providing news and market research to the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem. Based in San Francisco, California, Inside Social Games is focused on tracking the convergence of games and social platforms. Inside Social Games was started by Justin Smith in April 2008.

Developers at all stages of business need to stay on top of the latest changes on social and mobile platforms. Inside Network’s news sites track technical and business changes affecting developers and entrepreneurs working in app development

Second Life Profiles  - As a Second Life Resident, you have a profile that you can customize to share more about yourself. It's opt-in and can be a lot of fun to fill out. Many fellow Residents surf profiles, and if you're open to making new friends, a completed profile makes you a much more fascinating person to get in touch with.

How to view and edit your profile

Depending on which you prefer, you can view your profile on the web:

  • Go to my.secondlife.com and click Log In.
  • Login with your username and password. Your profile appears.

In the Viewer:

  • Select Me > Profile...
  • Right-click your avatar and select My Profile.
  • OR, in the toolbar at the bottom of the Viewer window, click the Profile button.

On both the web and in the Viewer, you can click the Edit Profile button or the Settings tab to start customizing.

On the Profile tab of Profile Settings (accessed with the Gear icon on the left sidebar of your profile window), you may fill out the following optional fields:

  • Profile Picture
  • Display Name
  • Biography
  • Interests
  • Homepage
  • Social Identities
  • Partner
  • Real World Profile Picture
  • Real World Biography

GamerDNA - Members can create personal pages with game history, photos, blogs, scores and profiles, and form groups based on interests and guilds. If the game you are looking for doesn't have an entry on the list of games, there is an option to add the game at the bottom of the list of games that pop up when you type in the name of the game you are looking for. Once you've added the information for the game and submit it, the staff will check to make sure everything is correct and then will create an official game page for it.

In order to become a member of gamerDNA, you must provide us with a valid email address, an identitying name ("username") and a password. If you were invited to gamerDNA by another member, we will also record who sent you the original invitation. GamerDNA allows you to personalize your profile page. You may include information such as games you play or have played, your list of friends, personal images and screenshots, questionnaire responses or other descriptions. Any information you place in your profile is publicly viewable by other users of gamerDNA. All profile information may be deleted or modified by you.


Yesmmo  - Yesmmo is a social network for where you can join forces with friends, share your stories and discover what's happening in the games you love.

Before you can create and edit pages you will first need an account. Simply click "Account" from the upper right hand corner of the site and then choose "Create account". You will receive a confirmation email that contains a link you must click on to verify your account. Once verified you can start contributing to the site. To create a page simply search for the page in the search bar at the top of the site. If the page does not exist click the "Create Page!" button to create it. Keep capitalization in mind when creating a new page. To edit a page simply click on the "Edit" button at the top of the site. You create a custom title by using the {{DISPLAYTITLE:YOUR CUSTOM TITLE HERE}} wiki markup. You can view the source for this page to see how we used a custom title.

Creating a Custom Meta Description

A custom meta description can make your page look better in search results and possibly get more people clicking on it. Your meta description should be very relevant to the content of the page or what your page is about. It should be human readable and make sense to visitors trying to get a quick feel for what is on the page. It's good when your meta description contains part of the title and any keywords that you feel your visitors are looking for. Best practices say to keep the description between 150 and 160 characters in length. Any more and search engines won't show it all and any less you probably are not saying enough.

Creating a custom meta description on your AboutUs page is easy, simply use the following wiki markup anywhere on the page:


Before you can add an image you must first upload the image. To upload an image go to Special:Upload, click the "Choose File" button, fill in any extra details, select the image to upload, and then click the "Upload File" button. You will then be taken to the image's page. To use the image in a page that you are creating or editing you use the [[Image:file.jpg]] or [[Image:file.png|alt text]] wiki markup.

Koinup - Koinup was founded in July 2006. Koinup is an image and video hosting service, web portal and online community for virtual world users. It is used both as a photo and video repository platform and as a tool to share virtual world screenshots, photographs and machinima. 

Koinup members can upgrade to Bigoom premium accounts, and get full control on the price of their prints.

With Bigoom account premium you will have:
1. full control on the price of prints
2. 100% profit on the markup
3. Unlimited storage space



Warcraft SocialWorld of Warcraft right now is the front runner in the MMORPG market. Bolstering over 12 million players this game is definitely not for the loner. Unless you plan to multi box a batch of accounts, most activities in World of Warcraft will find you having to work with people in one way or another.

Most actions in World of Warcraft require teamwork and cooperation. Then again that's part of the fun - meeting new people, doing things you alone could not do, and having fun (sometimes not so fun) experiences.

Group Parties

Groups can be of any number and of any place. Say you are questing and you see a quest with a group tag. Then you can simply travel around and or use the general chat to ask around for help. In doing this say two other players show up needing the same quest. You guys make a group to get credit for killing/looting the same mobs. This is the start of a group or party.


Glinkster – Glinkster is bringing the social web into the gaming community via its own social network.

The Glinkster portal is as simple as it gets in terms of overall portal design. But it compensates for the cool features you could possible use in the social networking site. Here are 4 major cool things you can do at Glinkster:

  1. Glink it – vote for links you find on the net that is related to gaming. That link moves up the Glinkster page as soon as other members link to it. So, the more member glink a particular link, the more relevant it becomes to the gaming community
  2. Social bookmarking – Think of Digg or Del.icio.us with a specific niche which is gaming and that’s how Glinkster’s social bookmarking is all about. You can create and manage your own social bookmarks consisting of links that you have Glinked
  3. Tagging – Yes, gamers know something about organizing information through Tagging too. Gamers know about tag clouds and the importance of tagging cool gaming-related stuff for easy access by their fellow gamers later on.
  4. Accumulate Glink Score – You can up your Glink score by submitting relevant links to Glinkster. The more relevant your links are, the higher your score becomes. Once the links you submitted are linked to by other members, your Glink score increases as well. Think of it as a member voting system whereby members increase the reliability and reputation of other Glinkster members by the links they submit. Did I lost you there? Well, don’t mind what this Glink score is about yet. You’ll soon understand about it once you become a Glinkster member and start “Glinking” relevant gaming links.


PlayfirePlayfire is the social network for gamers. Get a gaming profile, track your stats, and meet people to play with. Playfire is primarily a gaming site, though off-topic conversation is generally allowed. However, the Playfire Staff reserve the right to delete entire threads and Buzz posts if they feel they are likely to become difficult to moderate. This especially applies to posts that include potentially harmful sexual, religious or political content. Reposting a thread after it has been deleted may result in your account being banned.

Vulcan is the codename of the brand new Playfire client - the best way to track your games, activity and more! Playfire Vulcan runs on your computer and will track activity across your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam accounts within minutes, using your regular Playfire account.

Vigster - Vigster is a social network designed for gamers. This London based start-up gives gamers all the regular social network tools and more.

Users can catalogue theirs games and build a virtual game shelf, they can buy more games, rate, review and discuss their favorite games, and browse the site’s massive games database. Gamers can find and add friends, get recs, and take game based quizzes as well. Besides game descriptions and ratings, users may also submit hits, cheats, guides and how-tos. Sign up is free.

Playyoo –  Playyoo is a social site for mobile gaming. Game developers can show off their wares and interact directly with the people playing them. Developers with existing projects can simply port them over with a Playyoo-supplied template for Flash 8 Pro or CS3. If users find a game they like, they can download it to their mobile phones free of charge. The entire service is run by advertising, which shows up both on the site and on the games when you start them up. Playyoo currently supports a pretty massive variety of phones. It's also nice enough to let you know how many games out of the entire library your phone can handle, along with providing a bandwidth limiter you can set to automatically cut you off of after burning through a set limit of data.

Playyoo has a 'game stream' that's similar to Facebook's newsfeed. Don't like a genre? Just get rid of it, and it won't show up in the list of games.


SGN  - is a leading independent cross-platform game developer with top games on Facebook, iOS, Android, and Amazon. SGN connects people around the world through great games. SGN represents the next generation of social game development. SGN reaches players wherever they choose to play. SGN is responsible for more than twelve top ten titles on the iTunes App Store and three #1 titles on the Amazon App Store. Funded by Austin Ventures, and led by a seasoned team of Internet pioneers, SGN was built through a series of acquisitions and organic growth.


WeeWorld - WeeWorld makes games that inspire social creativity. The games have entertained more than 60 million mobile and web players. WeeMee was born in Glasgow, Scotland. WeeMees quickly became favorites in the UK and in the US rolling out on all major social networks. Today more than 60 million WeeMees have been created, millions of apps have been downloaded, and millions of US teens and tweens play on WeeWorld.com.

All of the games and most of the apps can be played for free. To boost creativity and enhance game play, there are options that can be purchased for real money. An in-app purchase requires an Apple ID and can be disabled at any time. On WeeWorld.com you can upgrade to become a VIP and get lots of great benefits and exclusive items.

Notes for parents

Help protect your children in the online environment by talking to them about safety and helping to ensure they never share their personal information online. Parents and guardians can help their children by monitoring their online activity. Children 12 and under need their parent's or guardian's consent to register. As a parent or guardian you will need to register with your email address.

Users 13 or over provide their own email address but should ask their parent or legal guardian to read and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of this site.

Some sections of the site require you to be 13 or over such as earning free Gold points with partner offers and surveys.

WeeWorld collects the following information at registration, parent or guardian email address, child's first name, username and password, date of birth and country of residence.

WeeWorld also automatically receives and records in our server logs information from your browser, including your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data.

This information helps us understand how you use the site and how to improve it for you.