Using Social Media To Promote Your Website


Social networks are a great way to communicate and interact with friends as well it is also a great way to promote your website. Social networks become the most useful and effective way to attract more visitors to your website.
There are a number of ways you can promote your website on the top social media sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
Offering free, original content on your website can attract new visitors and set you apart from your competition. Blogging helps you to get noticed on social media. Every post is a potential opportunity to get discovered through sharing on social networks, exposing you to a new audience, which in turn increases traffic to your site.
Facebook and Twitter can be very beneficial in promoting your website. With millions of people using Twitter and Facebook every day of all demographics, the sky’s the limit. Facebook and Twitter give you an opportunity to tailor your ads to specifics such as: location, gender, age, interests, and what other pages/accounts they like/follow.
Both Twitter and Facebook provide analytics to show you how you can reach out to users and the type of audience that have checked out your ads.

                           How to Promote your Website on Social Media Sites

1. Make a profile on your favourite networking site and then make a group or community to find people related to your niche or with similar interest, with whom you can share and discuss things related to your website.
2. If you are a blogger who spends most of time writing article and submitted it on social networks then it is not worth to submit or share each post because by this your friends or followers will prefer to switch off your daily news because a limit always matters.
3. Use a catchy title or description to your posts so that reader immediately wants to know about that and click on your link. Make sure the title is accurate. Make your title SEO friendly, a proper title helps you to increase your ranking in search engines also. Title is what draws readers to read your post.
4. Social media is all about images, big and colorful. If your website does not have a unique/recognizable opening image  or any image at all, your website might not be benefiting much by sharing plain text. Rather than explain any more of this criteria why don’t you take a tour of our own blog to see how we use images.
5. There are thousands of social networks to help you for your website promotion, you can find whichever you want to choose or go with. You can research about different websites available and according to your needs select whatever you requirement is.
6. Both Yelp and Foursquare users tend to glance, so it’s important to get as many high numbered ratings as possible to gain a positive first impression. Add a link to your personal website under the profile section to capture additional readership.

Separate your social media audience from your blog or business website. Use the social aspects to grow that audience and make them like you. Then every once in a while link to something great on your blog. The people in your social media audience who like you will take those opportunities to become blog subscribers so your grow your business using social media.